Maclehose Trail Section 10

Although it’s mostly road walking here, you do pass by some intriguing sights on Section 10, such as local abandoned buildings and a small shrine/temple with a bronze horse. You will even get to walk under some power line towers!

The road is also mostly level, so it’s an easy relaxing walk. Although there are no proper water points along the section, you probably don’t need to refill water anywhere since there is only 15km left. There are regular porta-potties though.

You will also pass by an avenue of gum trees; their leaves become properly orange from March to June.

You begin to notice the trail gently sloping downwards, and the town of Tuen Mun where the end of the trail is begins to come into view. You are entering the part of Tai Lam Country Park closest to the town.

The rest of the way is mostly along a deep storm drain, that becomes unfenced at parts; be careful that you don’t fall in! Picnic tables, shelters, and exercise stations become a regular sight; this is the area frequented by parkgoers from Tuen Mun.

From the exit of Tai Lam Country Park are many steps down to the ground level. When you emerge from the forest, you’ll be in front of the town of Tuen Mun itself, at the last trail marker. You’ve finished the Maclehose!

From here, it’s just a short walk to the Tuen Mun MTR station.

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