Maclehose Trail Section 9

What a disappointing section for a hiker. It’s pretty much a road walk all the way, and is primarily for recreational biking use. Going up and down, then up and down again on the road make it unnecessarily challenging, and there are scant opportunities for scenic views (the road goes through the forest).

If you’re trying to finish the Maclehose Trail as a thru, keep going; otherwise, I would advise just departing the trail at the end of Section 8.

The end of Section 9 is Tin Fu Tsai campsite, the last campsite before the end of the Maclehose. It was very empty, with only one other tent at the edge of the site with campers who kept to themselves. The water source, unlike previous ones, was a running river nearby. Instead of a built toilet, there was a porta-potty at the entrance of the campsite.

For some reason, there are many bothersome bees that buzzed around us, but didn’t sting. Tin Fu Tsai also didn’t have phone reception, unlike the previous campsites on the trail we stayed at. Still, it was a nice place to camp before the final day of hiking the next day.

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