Maclehose Trail Section 8

Section 8 soon became one of my favourite parts of the hike. After a short stair climb and some clambering over rocks, we eventually arrived at a field with open views, with well-maintained tracks and gently undulating ground over open fields that reminded me of an American national park I was in once. We passed no one else on this section; we had this lovely place all to ourselves.

Later it yielded into road, but the road led us to the top of Tai Mo Shan, where the views topped the previous days’ at Needle Hill, which I did not think was possible. On this section, we could see as far as Shenzhen.

We met a couple of other local hikers, as well as a cyclist who went to the top of Tai Mo Shan and back via the road ahead, a physically challenging feat.

The road wound downhill till the Tai Mo Shan Visitors Centre, which marked the end of this awesome section. As expected, a toilet with running water is available here. Rotary Campsite is also a short distance off the route, while Twisk Campsite is further ahead on the trail.

Twisk Campsite is extremely spacious, with multiple levels and even some platforms. All kinds of camping — tents, tarps, hammocks — are possible here. A water source can be found just before the entry to the campsite.

Despite looking like a fantastic campsite, we were gunning to get to Tin Fu Tsai campsite at the end of Section 9 by today. So we soldiered on.

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