Maclehose Trail Section 7

This section brings you up onto the ridgeline of the mountains in the middle of the New Territories. Lots of steps to overcome, but once you get higher, the view is worth it. The first good view you’ll see is Shing Mun Reservoir (where you walked up from at the start) and the town of Shing Mun itself.

Then the trail will lead straight up (no switchbacks!) the imposing, symmetrical Needle Hill.

Once you’ve finished the struggle to the top, you do get rewarded with a 360-degree view of the surrounding landscape: the towns below you, and the trail threading through the mountains ahead of you in the west.

After that exhilarating high, the trail descends and goes onto road that winds its way through the forest till you reach Lead Mine Pass campsite at the end of the section. It’s a fairly spacious campsite, but because it’s on the Wilson Trail as well, the campsite was nearly fully occupied with a school group from China when we arrived. If we had arrived any later, we might have had no room for ourselves.

With a tap near the tent sites and a toilet with lighting, soap, and toilet paper a couple minutes’ walk away nearer to the Section 8 entrance, it was one of the best campsites on the trail, in our opinion.

We reserved a spot, pitched our tent, prepared dinner, did our laundry and ablutions, and rested earlier than we intended because our neighbours were in close proximity and were openly complaining about our whispering.

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