Maclehose Trail Section 6

Mainly encompassing Kam Shan Country Park, the initial part is an uphill road walk in Kowloon Reservoir, with lots of visiting people. Many picnic tables are available for those here to enjoy a peaceful day out. But we had a hike to do, so we kept walking.

As you keep winding along the road upwards, eventually you’ll reach a good vantage point of the buildings of Hong Kong.

Section 6 is very short; it soon ends at the Shing Mun BBQ area. My brother and I reached the BBQ area around lunchtime, and there were lots of people enjoying the facilities there. Monkeys were also prowling the site, grabbing unattended food. With a toilet and vending machines, it is a good place to stop.

With the next campsite fairly nearby, we had some spare time to actually do some lunchtime cooking. My brother hunkered down with the stove, and soon produced a delicious tuna pasta.

After our lunch, it was onwards to Section 7. And right at the start of the section, we are welcomed straight away by the mainstay of the Maclehose: steps!

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