Maclehose Trail Section 2

This section passes through three beaches (all are camping options): Long Ke Wan, Sai Wan, and Ham Tin Wan, in this sequence. You’ll be walking on paths above the sea before descending to sea level to these beaches, then ascending again once you’ve traversed the sand. Long Ke Wan does not have tap water, but Sai Wan and Ham Tin Wan both have small villages with restaurants and public toilets with soap, running water, and toilet paper.

You can see Long Ke Wan, Sai Wan, and Ham Tin Wan beaches in this shot.

Cows grazing in the area came up close to us when we stopped to eat our food. They weren’t aggressive, but with their horns and their forward behaviour, we decided to cut our food break short and keep moving.

My brother and I planned to camp at Sai Wan. We went a bit in the wrong direction at a junction, and after backtracking, we arrived at Sai Wan in the dark. We had trouble finding a good spot to pitch our tent on the beach, with wind coming in all directions. We wrangled with our tent for more than half an hour as the wind whipped our fly out of our hands, while we yelled at each other over the deafening gale. We eventually found a better location with a large fallen tree sheltering one side from from the wind.

Our camp. Photo taken the next morning.

Because it was the first day, it was late, and we were tired, we took advantage of the local restaurant to have something delicious from a restaurant on Sai Wan beach. Their prices aren’t too different from what you’ll find in the city at a cha chaan teng. The restaurant also served us food for breakfast early the next morning as well.

The next morning, we continued walking, and crossed the last beach, Ham Tin Wan. After Ham Tin Wan, the trail moves westward and upward, away from the sea and back inland. Before the end of Section 2, you will pass by Pak Tam Au campsite on a hill. There is no tap water at this site.

Further on a few kilometres is a built toilet, and the start of Section 3.

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