Maclehose Trail Section 1

The 100-km Maclehose trail begins at Pak Tam Chung, in the Sai Kung Country Park. Once you’ve found your way here, you’ll be almost ready to embark on your first of many steps on the Maclehose. Directions to the trailhead and other trail information can be easily found at the Sai Kung Country Park Visitor Centre. The official starting point has a noticeboard with a map of the first couple of sections, as well as rules and regulations governing the trail.

My brother and I at the trailhead, fresh and ready to begin our hike!

The initial segment of ‘trail’ is a road/pavement walk up a steady incline, passing by some grazing cows and their occasional poop.

As you walk further, the view eventually opens into wide, sweeping panoramas of the High Island reservoirs, and you also get to walk on the dams themselves.

The road ends at the UNESCO Global Geopark, where you can learn about how hexagonal columns formed geologically and were only discovered when excavation works began for the dam.

The trail continues on a paved walking path at this point, so you could skip the entire road segment before this by taking a taxi to the Geopark. It winds upwards, providing a high view of Long Ke beach in Section 2, where most of the good beach campsites are.

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